We have just one important question for you..

Happy New Year!  Can you believe that it’s 2016?lens

We’ve been busy not making resolutions, have you? It’s liberating not worrying about making promises to ourselves that are difficult-to-impossible to keep. Bonus? We totally avoid the inevitable of feeling worse about ourselves than when we first started…


(Kind of) jokes aside, we have been busy in those moments between family festivities, piles of dishes and other celebrations.  Like most, we have been
thinking about the fresh start that a New Year brings, and how it is always good to get a new perspective, a new ‘lens’ through which to view what we are doing.

So in thinking and searching for a ‘fresh perspective’ it suddenly became clear (and so blatantly obvious we laughed) – YOU, dear reader, are the ‘fresh perspective’ we are searching for… and you can help provide it by answering one very important question:

What would I like to know more about?

Simple, right?

If this question is just a little too open-ended, this might help:

What bothers you, what do you feel you ‘should’ be able to handle, but are struggling with? What do you feel you are so close to overcoming, if only you knew how to __________?

Thoughts flowing?

We genuinely want to know. What would you like to know more about? Not only because we care, not only because it is more than likely that we have struggled (or are struggling) with similar things ourselves, but because we know that focusing on your answers will help us to create great content (and provide do-able solutions!) this year.  The bonus is, of course, that this content will feel like it was tailor-made for you (because, well, it will be tailor-made for you!).

Another great read:  Coping with Exam Stress

So please, PLEASE don’t be shy. Comment or respond publicly (comment below, on our Facebook page or via Twitter), or send your thoughts privately through direct or personal messages (Facebook, Twitter, or the Contact form at the end of this post). Any way you choose, you will be making a difference not just for yourself, but for others that will be helped (including us).

We are looking forward to reading all of your ideas, and seeing what we do through your lens – how fun!

And please, don’t censor yourself. You might feel what
you are curious about is abnormal, unimportant or silly. But whatever it is, remember: it’s important to you, and it affects how you feel and live.

So it’s important to us, too.

i-am-worthy-resolutionIn parting, let’s share one resolution we DO make year after year:


Our best wishes for 2016 – let’s make it a good one – together!





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