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Choose your mood (wisely!) this holiday season

Losing your holiday-shopping-filled-turkey-brained mind yet?

Overwhelmed yet?

Welcome to The Frenzy! (thank you Black Friday and Cyber Monday and everything else).

I spent yesterday in the city nearest me. Wandering around the city by myself is one of my favourite things to do.  Driving there I noticed how excited I was about this little adventure, this ritual that I’ve grown to value. As the taller buildings came into view, Continue reading

Through the eyes of a pint of Guinness: 5 steps to to Anger Management

What is anger made of?

Sugar and spice and all things nice? NOPE! Definitely not. Clients often talk about how they get angry for “no reason”. Does this sound familiar?

Thing is – there is always a reason. Continue reading

Breathing for Beginners: 5 Steps to a More Relaxed You

Breathing gets oxygen from the air into our bloodstream. Without it we would die. Brain first.

All joking aside (was that even funny?) breathing is really important. Really important.

When we are born we take our first breath, and as we reach the end of our journey we take our last. Breathing is controlled by the brain stem – the oldest part of the brain. It is something that happens on an unconscious level (that is, we do not need to think about it for it to happen). And other parts of our brain regulate how quickly or slowly, deeply or shallowly we breathe.

So we hear you ask: “Why would learning to control our breathing improve the quality of our lives?” Continue reading