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10 ‘Life Detox’ choices made easy!

Since we’re all talking detox these days, why stop at guzzling green drinks? We all know that feeling physically healthy is just one part of being emotionally healthy. So let’s look at the whole picture – our body, our environment and our moods. Why not go for a complete ‘Life Detox’ – guaranteed not to result in frequent trips to the bathroom or foul tasting burps?! Continue reading

Breathing for Beginners: 5 Steps to a More Relaxed You

Breathing gets oxygen from the air into our bloodstream. Without it we would die. Brain first.

All joking aside (was that even funny?) breathing is really important. Really important.

When we are born we take our first breath, and as we reach the end of our journey we take our last. Breathing is controlled by the brain stem – the oldest part of the brain. It is something that happens on an unconscious level (that is, we do not need to think about it for it to happen). And other parts of our brain regulate how quickly or slowly, deeply or shallowly we breathe.

So we hear you ask: “Why would learning to control our breathing improve the quality of our lives?” Continue reading