What we are grateful for (hint: It’s you!)

It’s been a year since we started writing, since TwoWiseChicks was born.  Our sunsetmission was to help simplify complex emotions and make dealing with them manageable, do-able. And sprinkle in a little humor. Because, y’know, humor is healing. Continue reading

Self-Care in Terrifying Times

Unless you have been on a beach somewhere, disconnected from all sources of media, you will be aware of the horrifying acts of terrorism that befell the people and city of Paris on November 13th, 2015.

In the days since the horror, you have possibly watched news reports, read articles and possibly a variety of other media going over the gory details of the attack itself. You may find yourself discussing the life and motivation of the terrorists themselves, and reading stories from the survivors and loved ones of the victims. Continue reading

Change your life by doing this one small thing:

Make your bed.

Yes, at the risk of triggering memories of irritating demands made by your parent or caregiver,  current demands if you’re a teenager, we are seriously suggesting that you make your bed.

And we have a really good reason for this suggestion. Continue reading

Are your beliefs slowly killing you?

“I’m just a giver”

It was an innocent comment.  Chatting over tea one morning, my girlfriend Roberta* and I were sharing stories about our busy lives and the fact that we were both feeling a little overwhelmed.   Continue reading

6 habits to dump before movin’ on!

Have you ever felt stuck?

Y’know when it feels your body is glued onto a sticky yucky tarry melted road and you can’t get going no matter how hard you try lift those weary, exhausted legs? Continue reading

What to do if someone you love self-harms.

Not a week goes by that a therapist doesn’t hear about a client or a client’s friend self-harming. This is particularly true Continue reading

4 Secrets Your Therapist Wants You to Know About Therapy

therapysecretsSusan* came to her first appointment terrified.  I know this because she told me so.  It wasn’t the traffic, the fear of getting lost, or worry about being late.   Continue reading

Tips to Help Your Child Cope with the Loss of a Pet

tanya thinking out loudIt was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining as it has a habit of doing on most days in central Texas.  Except for the lice-outbreak that we were dealing with (ugh!), life was pretty great.  Continue reading

Is it OK to cut family members loose?

Do you feel weighed down by their toxicity? Suffocated? Like you’re drowning?
Yes, it’s ok to cut them loose.  It really is. Family members are simply people and we deserve to give ourselves the gift of surrounding ourselves with nurturing, fun people who respect us and treat us well. Just as with non-family 🙂

And we deserve to do that guilt-free!

What to do when other people are wrong

How do you feel when someone disagrees with you? Enraged? Devastated? Threatened? Do you do whatever it takes to “win” the argument? To prove to them and every else that you are right and they are wrong?


People are always wrong on Facebook…;)

BUT –  what if the other person isn’t wrong? Continue reading