What do limiting beliefs, a letter to Santa and self-help have in common?

Kids write to Santa with long wish-lists of things they want and dream about having.  Adults sometimes write to Santa, too.  And if truth be told, most of  us have an ongoing ‘wish list’ that we kinda wish a jolly man in a white beard would fulfill for us…

But is there any truth to the old adage: “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive”?

It seems almost too simple. Surely, we can’t make ourselves believe (in) something… cansanta-girl we?

You might be surprised, but the short answer is a resounding Yes!

‘Beliefs’ are something about which we (the ‘chicks’) are passionate.

Professional and personal experience keeps teaching us that our beliefs about ourselves are what creates our behavior.  Basically, that means that we act in ways that are in alignment with what we believe about ourselves.

For example, if I believe I am worthy, I act in ways that reflect that (without having to think a lot about it). If I believe I am not worthy, then I also act in ways that reflect that (it’s the truth, and explains why we often behave badly when our beliefs about ourselves are shoddy).

Beliefs don’t stop at “I am worthy” (although, truth be told, this might be one of the most encompassing and important for most). There are hundreds, maybe thousands of beliefs that inform our lives on a daily basis. Some of the most common ones with the biggest impact include:

  • I am worthy vs. I am unworthy/worthless
  • I am safe vs. I am unsafe
  • I am responsible vs. I am not dependable
  • I am lovable vs. I am unlovable/flawed
  • I make good choices vs. I make poor choices
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Do any of these resonate with you?

Can we change what we believe about ourselves?

Yes we can, with awareness and practice. It means choosing to think and act in ways that align with what you would rather believe about yourself. And doing that over and over.

And over.

Repeating these (more) healthy thoughts and actions until you don’t have to think about it so much. Until the behavior becomes a habit. Your new habit. Until you believe ‘it’ about yourself. And when we believe more positive things about ourselves, we receive “more” positive experiences, too.

More respect, better relationships, better health.


Possibly the most important step, is first identifying which core belief we have about ourselves is the one we want to change. That can be the hardest part. Once we know what it is (and come to terms with the fact), we can work on how to change it.

Because we cannot fix what we don’t acknowledge.3 Steps to getting Unstuck

So in a very real sense, knowledge is power.

If you are struggling with identifying what YOUR limiting beliefs are, sign up to receive our comprehensive and *FREE* booklet 3 Simple Steps to Finally Getting Unstuck

Maybe it’s time to write YOUR letter to Santa?

So, what about taking a little time this week to write your own letter to Santa? And ask for something that money can’t buy, but could be absolutely life-changing?

In that letter, write what you would really like to believe about yourself this year (and always). Write about how you would like to know how to overcome the belief that holds you back. That belief that stops you from being fully present, aware, focused, connected, even vulnerable.

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There is no ‘right’ way to write your letter. Simply write from the heart, write what you feel (even if it doesn’t make ‘sense’). Writing and journalling is a time-honored self-help strategy that works in the comfort of your own home, with any old piece of paper or pencil or pen you have. It even works on a keyboard – and it’s FREE! Which is always nice…

To help you get started, use this simple template:  your letter might be one of the nicest gifts you’ve ever given yourself!!!


Happy Holidays!



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