Keep asking your big life questions, we’re listening!

be the best me that i can beHow is January treating you so far? (How are you treating it?)

For us, other than a bad cold for Sally, 2016 has started off without a hitch.

(She accepts all sympathies graciously – comment below). ¬†ūüôā

What we want to tell you about today is the response we received from our most recent¬†post. ¬†The one where we asked you to let us know what you would like to know more about this year. What are the ‘big life questions’ or issues that you are facing. How can we best help you this year?

So, we thought we would summarize the many responses we had to our question for everyone to¬†see. ¬†We know this list highlights some pretty common (not to be confused with easy) issues, and reinforces for all of us that we are ‘not alone’¬†in our struggles:

You asked, “How do I:

  • …worry less what other people think of me?”

  • …better manage family relationships (especially with family members with whom there is a very strained relationship)?”

  • …raise an empathetic child in what seems like a ‘me first’ world?”

  • … better manage work stress?”

  • … communicate with people better?”

  • … deal with these ‘imposter syndrome’ feelings?”

  • … stop catastrophizing?”

  • ‚Ķ improve my “self” ¬†belief, trust and acceptance?”

  • … move on with my life, and leave the hurts behind?”

  • … understand ‘cognitive dissonance’ (a!)”

  • …better manage my anger?”

  • …know if I am a ‘good enough’ parent?”

  • …stop the pattern of ‘self-sabotage’ so that I can move forward towards my goals?”

  • … know if I am instilling the right values in my child(ren)?”

What do you feel about this list?

Another great read:  3 Simple Steps to (finally) getting Unstuck

We know how we feel: we LOVE this list.  We are familiar with many of these issues ourselves. The honesty and integrity and the willingness to be vulnerable is humbling. And we are grateful because we know that this list helps others know that they are NOT alone.

What items do you resonate with, and say ‘Heck Yah!’? I want to know more about that!

What do you feel is missing? What would you add to make this list reflect what your needs are?

Please comment below (or send a direct message) – we are listening!




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