What we are grateful for (hint: It’s you!)

It’s been a year since we started writing, since TwoWiseChicks was born.  Our sunsetmission was to help simplify complex emotions and make dealing with them manageable, do-able. And sprinkle in a little humor. Because, y’know, humor is healing.

We started this with experience, knowledge and a passion for helping others. We hoped that passion would make up for what we lacked: IT education or experience with writing or marketing.

Despite our shortcomings, we’re pretty proud of everything we have done so far.

After our first year, it is time to look back at our journey.  We wondered if this process is worth our time and energy.

Between life and work, we have written when we have felt we could.  We have written when we knew we needed to.  Our personal lives, the stories of clients, the state of the world around us has compelled us to share what we think, believe and feel.

We write with the hope that what we write resonates with any of you. With even one of you.

We write because we hope that it makes a difference, even for just one person. This to us is far more important than any number of followers, likes or shares on social media. (Although, these are nice, and we are definitely excited to have new subscribers! ;).

And then it happened.  As if on cue.  The way it does sometimes when you are struggling and hoping for someone, something to give you a sign.  Something to tell you that it is worth it, that you are making a difference.

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A young lady reached out and let us know that our most recent post touched her deeply, that it allowed her to move forward and through the deep and chaotic feelings that surfaced for her after Paris.  It allowed her to remember and tap into all of the hard work she had done inside and outside of therapy for so long. It helped her to remember that she can do this.

And without disclosing any other details to maintain her privacy, that was our answer: Yes.

Yes we will continue.  Because what we do HAS helped one person.

And we are grateful.  We are so very grateful to have this opportunity. Despite all of the possible shortcomings, we are helping. We are grateful that there are folks out there reading.  And trusting that what we share is a version of truth that resonates with them in a way that makes us trustworthy.

We are grateful, and humbled.

And we plan to continue this as long as there is even one person reading, liking or sharing.

Which brings us to our thought about gratitude itself. Gratitude can be life-changing.  It compels and propels us toward good.

Think about it: If someone says ‘Thank You’ for even the smallest thing, doesn’t that somehow fuel your desire to do more of the same?

Gratitude comes from a place of love.  It is, perhaps, one of the purest and simplest ways to show love for someone.

If you are thankful to someone – anyone – for anything at all this Thanksgiving (or anytime at all!), then take a moment to say it.  And when you say thank you, remember to be specific with respect to what you are thanking them for.  While a generic ‘Thank You’ is nice, what can be even more life-changing is the specific “Thank You for your help moving my garbage cans to the edge of the road last week when my back was out”.  The person receiving the gratitude can then file it in the appropriate box. They can then know what it is you value about them. Which ultimately helps them feel valued.  And usually will prompt them to do more good things!

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We know how that goes – we have filed the ‘Thank You’ we received. We felt the love, the gratitude and it fills us up.  And it has given us energy and motivation to do more of what we do. Thank you.

For that we are grateful. And happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love & Peace,


Thank you! Tanya & Sally

How has gratitude changed your life, or informed your choices? Please feel free to share below – we would love to hear about it!




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