Got the January blues? 6 Tips to get you back on track

Some of us are not blue. Nope! Some of us are just delighted that the holidays are over, the pressure is off, the tree is down, the electricity bill isn’t straining with the weight of cute but unnecessary lights, the gifts are unwrapped (lost, broken?), sleeping times back to normal, and routine and normality (whatever that is..) has resumed. Almost. Kind of…

A lot of that is good right? Yesterday a friend said – “I hate to admit this now but I’m thrilled to be getting back to work”. Hang on –  “admit”??? We “admit” to wrongdoings surely – not to joy, or relief?

So for those of you who are thrilled – celebrate guilt-free! YAY! January need not be blue – maybe it’s bright orange or polka dotted or whatever!!


For the rest of you, we empathise. We know you’re out there, so this is for you. Certainly this time of year seems to be difficult for a lot of us. Post hype is always hard. And Holidays = Hype for SURE!

There is a lot written out there on how to beat the blues – so much, in fact, that it’s somewhat overwhelming.

Here is our own list, we’ve kept it short!

1: First, identify whether or not you really are feeling down. Or if you’ve just ‘picked it up’ from the media, your friends, Facebook and twitter blues posts etc. Misery is contagious. Step away from carriers and don’t be one.

2: Identify what you are feeling down about. Be kind enough to you to acknowledge it now. It might be something you pushed away for the Holidays and now it’s back with a vengeance. We take Holiday stress verrrrry seriously here on Two Wise Chicks. This is a very common experience. Now might well be the time to deal! Get help from a friend or therapist if you need to.

Another great read:  Being S.M.A.R.T. about New Year's Resolutions

3: Ignore the urge to shop.  That means turning a deaf ear to the media (TV, Internet, newspaper and magazines) and everyone else telling you that you’ll save wads of cash in the sales if you buy X&Y now. You won’t. You’ll spend wads of cash. If you actually need X or Y that’s different! Here’s a short and practical piece on sales “saving” if you’re interested.

4: Get rest and exercise. Research backs this up consistently. You are probably tired and sleep deprived after the huge emotional and physical investment in the holidays. Recovery time is needed and deserved!

5: Get out of the house!! Depending on the climate were you live, you’ve probably spent a lot of time indoors the last few weeks. We have!! So even if its cold out you go and get some air, sun (and VitaminD) into your cold and sad bones!! As the Scandanavians say “There’s no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing”!


6: Plan something nice for you, now. (Is that an oxymoron??) Look forward to today! That might sounds crazy but bear with: when we plan way off in the future we are delaying joy. It’s great to have a holiday to look forward to, don’t get us wrong! It’s also fine to make resolutions (go easy though).

Just don’t miss today.

Find something in today that’s good, even if it’s a bad day so far. It might be a smile to some stranger, or from a stranger. A compliment you give, or receive. A nice coffee. A relaxing few minutes. Notice the good things, enjoy them and let yourself feel gratitude.

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So right now, I can hear a bird tweeting outside and I just took a look to see a little guy munching on seed I put out earlier. His little beak is glinting in the sun. I could get my camera and capture the moment but he’ll get a fright and move. So I’ll stop typing now and just enjoy his cuteness for a few moments.

So cute..

What are you going to do??

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