Are you a good enough mother?

Ah, Mothers Day – a day to celebrate all that is Mother (or Mom,  Mommy, Mama, Mam, Mum, or “Hey You!!” – depending on how your offspring refer to you).

We all know that parenting is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs there are – and there’s no training! (What’s that about?!).  As you can imagine, there are lots of parents out there fretting, wondering if they’re doing it ‘right’.

If you’ve clicked on this you’re probably a mother (or know a mother), so we’ve devised a super-scientific questionnaire based on our collective 40 years’ personal and professional experience to help to decide whether or not you’re a ‘good’ mother.


Here we go – be honest now!

Part 1: Am I Normal?

the fun of parenting

Have you ever felt like this?

am i going mad?

Have you ever wondered this?

real mom thoughts

Ever thought this?

mom thoughts breathe

Or had this happen

a moms changed body

Has your body, erm…. changed?

Do you collapse into tears for no apparent reason?

Do you sometimes think “ugh I hate this parenting thing and no I don’t want TO DRAW WITH YOU I HATE DRAWING I JUST WANT TO HAVE A QUIET CUP OF TEA!!!”

Do you sometimes wish you weren’t a mother?

just seeing you makes my heart explode

Do you have moments – no matter how fleeting – where you feel like this?

Do you have any or all these feelings – sometimes all of them in the space of 5 minutes – on most days?

If you have answered YES to any or all of the above we’ve now established that You are Normal.

If you are normal proceed to part 2:

Part 2: Is normal good enough?

Do you choose to parent despite often having these thoughts and feelings?

Another great read:  Hate being a stay-at-home Mom? You're not alone

Do you do your best, knowing that your best varies from day to day?

Do you take steps to get help if any of the negative feelings overwhelm you (that is, they are the major or only feeling or thought you have for a prolonged period of time)?

If the answer is Yes to the above questions then:

good enough is the new perfectionYes!

You are a good enough parent!

Time to celebrate you (and/or your mother).

 You’ve got this.  And we’ve got your back 😉

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