We are two of the lucky few – we found a career path that never really feels like a ‘job’.

So we’ve decided to share what we have learned along the way – to help you, help yourself.

We really want to simplify things.  Because life can feel hard.  And complicated.

We write about everyday things and offer helpful tips (that are based on research and experience with clients) on how to deal with them. Oh, we should warn you: we also tend to throw in a healthy dose of humor – even to the most serious of topics.

By doing so, we hope you will feel more confident, calm, ‘normal’, happy, clear, motivated, special, and overall even more awesome than you might right now!

Who are we?

Sally O’Reilly

Sally wants to help create a world of compassion for ourselves and others. A world where mistakes are allowed, gender roles don’t exist, sex ed in schools is a real thing and everyone dances – lovely! As a psychologist and psychotherapist in Ireland, she’s worked for nearly twenty years in private practice, with adults and trainee adults of all ages. She blogs on her own website, has  a Facebook page and is a feature writer for super duper parenting website Voiceboks.com. She does regular print and radio media work and has been known to Tweet. She’s the one running our Twitter page!

When she’s not working, you will find her engrossed in Science Fiction or some dark and Danish TV show, listening to music, Sally's Baby Picwatching the sea (while really, really wishing it were warmer), or figuring out how to work Lightroom on her Mac. All while munching on Bombay mix.


She’s happiest when dancing and erm…. her cat has his own Facebook page. We won’t link to that, it’s too embarrassing…

Tanya Tinney

Tanya looks forward to living in a world where people know their worth, respect boundaries, and always have time for tea and chocolate. A magic bubble that protects her from sticky fingers, hormonal girls and dog hair would be awesome as well.

Her education and much of her training is in the areas of psychology and human potential.  She worked as a licensed psychologist for over 14 years, with 10 of those years spent building her own successful private practice.  In total, she has over 20 years of varied experience working, volTanya's Baby Picunteering for non-profit agencies, and consulting to small business. Most recently she has launched her dream online coaching practice where she gets to work with motivated, professional people who need help overcoming overwhelm and burnout. She’d love if you popped over to ‘like’ her Facebook Page!

Tanya has lived in Ireland, Ethiopia (okay, just 6 months), Canada, and currently lives in central Texas with her husband, three girls (including fraternal twins), two dogs and three cats.

When she’s not finding ‘everyday moments’ to write about here, you can find her being walked by her dogs, unearthing unidentifiable food-objects under the couch cushions or baking her famous banana bread.

Tanya updates the Two Wise Chicks Facebook Page!

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